Week 4 

First week of eating like Bear nearly got off to a shaky start, Monday saw me in an all day team “workshop” with lunch provided, a potential minefield of white bread, pastries and all kinds of nutrient shy foods. 

I made it out alive, loading up my plate with raw veggies and fruit and stepping on just one quarter cut white bread sandwich. Phew! 

Whether it’s the diet or just enthusiasm I’m not really sure but either way I was up at 05:50 Monday for a kettlebell workout. 

Rounded out the day feeling great and with a chicken and green salad for dinner. 

cooked with coconut oil and lemons and limes for extra zing

Not sure if it’s the diet, the current heatwave gripping the UK, or the fact my wisdom tooth is playing up (extraction due Friday) but Tuesday and Wednesday I felt quite lightheaded and pretty drowsy by early evening. I’d certainly not been feeling hungry but perhaps had been a little shy on carbs since the weekend.
Might need to keep an eye on the “balance” of my plate and ensure I get enough fuel for my workouts and biking. 

Midweek ride was a solid 8 miles including a pr (knocking 49 seconds off my previous best) on my local cat 4 climb.

oven baked chicken thighs with tomatoes, mushrooms and brocolli

To counter the lack of carbs I tried out one of Bears oaty pancakes for breakfast on Thursday. It was certainly solid and kept me going until 3pm! 

Finished up the week with back to back weekend rides, setting PRs on a couple of tough offroad climbs. I’ve also just taken the plunge and ordered a new bike, a semi fat Pinnacle Ramin 3 “plus”, so will be keen to see how my times compare on the new bike when it arrives! 

Weight is hovering around 15 stone, two whole stone dropped since April but I’d like to drop even more, box full of healthy fruit and veg should help with that. 

distance and volume increasing, more kettlebells needed though!

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