Week 3 – you get out what you put in 

Pretty useless effort this week on account of an epic case of man flu striking me down on Wednesday. 

only one bike ride 😦

I moped around in typical man fashion, frustrated at missing workouts but then got to thinking about why I was ill. Overtraining? Perhaps but volumes had been lower than usual since starting my new programme. What about diet? 

I thought I’d been reasonably healthy in my fuelling but on reflection there was probably room for improvement.

I still eat a lot of processed foods and often grab a meal deal wrap and crisps for lunch if in a rush.  Not disastrous but not exactly a great foundation. 

In my search for a structured programme for strength workouts , I’d purchased Bear Grylls “your life, train for it” book which in addition to some easy to follow (but epically tough) workouts, had a section on nutrition and fuelling for exercise. Nothing radical in fairness, just a focus on eating the right stuff – lots of greens, lean meats, fish etc – but it was enough to give me a little more focus. 

does what it says on the tin

So today, Sunday, I’ve made a start, not only on the new strength routines but also on a healthier diet. I’m hoping the two combined will help me push towards shedding more fat, improve my energy levels (both for workouts and life in general) and that maybe the healthier food will reduce some of the aches and pains. 

Quick dash to the shops saw me returning with heavy bags bulging with healthy goodness. My wallet was somewhat lighter though, how expensive is coconut oil?! 

Bear’s “kick start” smoothie

I completed one of Bear’s kettlebell routines which left me broken and in need of fixing. A one pot stir fry medley of eggs, sweet potatoes, mange tout, peppers, mushrooms and carrots cooked with my new coconut oil did the job. 

bit more nutritious than beans on toast

So it’s only been a day but so far I feel good. I’ve felt full and not wanted to snack as I often do on weekends. I also feel less guilty about a post ride Sunday night beer 😉 

Early days but I’m determined to stick to this and see what results it brings long term. 


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