Getting back in the saddle…

Not been here for ages. Not been out wild camping or bikepacking for ages either, though have been putting in the miles on day rides and decided to jump start the bikepacking again.

Until last month, my most recent wild camp was an overnight hammock camp August 2019 but back in May I took delivery of one of the first Alpkit Elan hooped bivvy bags. Due to the UK covid19 lockdown I had to wait until July to test it out. After one night I sold it! Nothing wrong with it per say, just really didn’t get on with feeling like I was sleeping in a coffin!

Having ditched the coffin, this weekend I dug the hammock out and loaded up my shiny new Genesis Longitude and headed for my local woods.

Took my time on the way up, enjoying the views but not the couple of gates I had to lift the heavy rig over.

Had the woods to myself on arrival save for a lone dog walker heading back to their car so set up the tarp and hammock before getting a fire going.

Dinner was fish and roasted Mediterranean veggies cooked on the embers wrapped in foil, not bad even if I do say so myself!

As darkness enveloped the woods, I drifted off to sleep accompanied by the sounds of owls hooting and what I guess was a very clumsy badger ruffling around in the leaves, no doubt looking for his own dinner.

Didn’t sleep great and could’ve happily stayed tucked up but awoke just after 5am to a very misty and atmospheric scene, decided to get up and try to take some pics then slowly got around to breaking camp.

Took a longer route back (with less gates!) and was home by around 9am ready for some coffee and breakfast.

Super pleased with the new bike (steel really is real!) And the new racks which were getting their first outing. I’d like a decent top opening bag to really make the most of the porteur style Pelago front rack though.



  1. Would you mind me asking in which general area this is? I’m fairly new to Kent (south of Maidstone), and found this blog while searching for places to go for a bikepacking overnighter around here. I appreciate if you don’t want to risk it (I couldn’t find a contact form to ask privately!).


    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply, this particular camp was in the Folkestone and Hythe area. Kent is not blessed with wild camping opportunities but I think that makes it a bit more exciting in a way. As most land is private, I tend to look for areas owned by national organisations – Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust etc, that way am less likely to be woken up by an angry gun toting farmer!

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