Week 7 

Not much to report. No biking, no adventures, no strength training. Nothing. 

On a brighter note, the ton of prescription meds I picked up from the doctor have taken the edge off, so much so that I’m contemplating a short ride/bivvy tomorrow. 

The upside/downside (depending on whether or not I’m currently looking at my bank balance) is that with all this spare time on my hands I’ve been busy buying essential bike related stuff, retail therapy if you will. 

One such purchase that will certainly get some mileage if/when I ever get back in my stride is a pair of gorilla cages. Similar concept to the Salsa Anything cages, you simply clip them on to your forks using a clever quick release bolt thingy, load them up with up to 1.5kg of gear in a dry bag and away you go. 

Obviously I’ve not tested them in anger yet but so far I’m impressed with their simplicity, practicality (the qr feature means you can easily detach and reattach the cage as needed) and versatility. 

test “carry” with a dry bag full of bike tools

They add a real extra dimension to schleping gear for a bikepacking trip, particularly those awkward items like cooking pots (or bottles of beer) that don’t really fit in a seat post bag or handlebar set up. 

That’s it, hopefully I’ll have some more to report back next week and hopefully it will be less of the moany injury type and more of the “I managed to ride my bike” type! 


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