Pill popping 

So after nearly two weeks and no sign of the pain going away, I booked myself in to see the Dr and I’ve come back with a goody bag full of drugs! 

Naproxen is a weapons grade anti inflammatory. So much so that I need the Omeprazole to stop it tearing a hole in my stomach. 

The Amitriptyline is an interesting one. In a former life it was used as an anti depressant but apparently was pretty useless at this and was instead found to be better at reducing nerve pain. Hopefully that will reduce the feeling of having stinging nettles embedded within my hips. 

Ultimately though I don’t want to be popping pills forever so I’ve also been referred back to see my surgeon who will hopefully be able to advise a plan of action. There was also talk of physio but we decided to wait until I’ve seen the surgeon. 

Whilst I’m missing biking, as it stands right now I’ll just be happy if the trio of pills will help enough to take the edge off as currently even things like driving and sleeping are problematic. 

At least popping the Amitriptyline should mean I feel less miserable about things 🙂 


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