Week two round up 

Off to a flyer this week, gentle strength workout on Tuesday was quickly followed by a “drills” ride Wednesday.

The drills in question were single leg efforts, essentially pedalling with most of the effort going through one leg, focussing on good form. 

This was done on flat trails but I still couldn’t resist a cheeky effort on one of my local killer hills, knocking 20 odd seconds off my pb! The hard work’s obviously paying off. 

Dusted off the Swiss ball on Thursday for some wall sits. Utter torture, sweat starts to pour from anywhere it can the second I assume the position and the whole body shakes uncontrollably in protest. Surely anything that unpleasant must be good for me right…? 

No bikepacking adventures this week as I’m planning a trip next week, instead I rounded off the week with a solid tempo ride Friday and a two hour ride Sunday. 

Slightly down on overal duration having skipped Saturday’s strength workout, really wasn’t feeling up to it and sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. Pace on the bike is good though, averaging around 9.5mph and feeling good with it too, Sunday’s 20 mile blast felt quick without really giving it the beans so certainly getting fitter and quicker. 


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