Round up 

First full proper week of new training plan and surprise surprise I’ve not stuck to it! I did three strength sessions and three rides as planned but as is often the case life got in the way meaning I didn’t get out on the bike Friday so two of the rides were sandwiched back to back, either side of an overnight bivvy/bikepacking trip, hardly the end of the world! 

reduced volume compared to previous weeks but a bit more focussed

Strength work is going well, legs feel strong although still niggly with twinges, mostly in left leg but certainly manageable. 

Upper body also improving, discovered much to my amazement that I can now do pull ups – albeit with somewhat dodgy form – for probably the first time since I was a kid, well chuffed! 

Cant’t wait for more of this on the Bear Bones 200

In other news, I’ve bagged a spot on the Bear Bones 200, a bikepacking/endurance mtb ride through the Cambrian mountains in Wales. It’s off-road, in Wales, in October and only two weeks after L2B,  should be epic! 


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