L2B off-road – strength training

As mentioned in my previous post, my right hip is pretty shot (and the left’s not much better). A strong core/stabilising muscles (glutes in particular) is needed to support and take the strain off my knackered hips.

Trouble is, I struggle to be disciplined enough to stick with a solid, regular strength routine. With a bumpy 75 mile mtb ride on the horizon however, I’m determined to put the work in. 

Aiming to do a minimum of two (maybe three) strength workouts a week, my main focus is going to be on legs and core, with a bit of upper body thrown in to keep me stable on the rough stuff. Currently my workouts look a bit like this:

Two sets of:

  • Back extensions (x20 reps)
  • Kneeling/easy press ups (15)
  • Kettlebell swings (12, 16kg bell)
  • Clamshells (20)
  • Side laying leg extensions (20)
  • Seated rows (15, resistance band)
  • Reverse wood chop (15 each arm, resistance band)
  • Straight leg raise/or wipers (10)
  • Side steps (50 each side, resistance band)

I’ve invested in a balance/wobble board which I use randomly either single leg or both legs and recently bought a Swiss ball to do some wall squats to target my quads/vmo and inner thighs. 

I’m aiming for 30/45 minutes per workout, Tuesday I hit 45 minutes but this evening only about 20 using the Swiss ball and balance board.

All of the above I’ve picked up from the Internet/books but I’m not really following a structured programme as such. 

I’d be interested to hear any suggestions for an effective and easy to follow conditioning programme that can be done at home/with minimal equipment. Shout if you’ve had success with a particular book/programme/app etc 🙂


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