London to Brighton off road 

It’s been a while since I trained properly for a sports event. Tearing my hip labrum and discovering I had hip dysplasia in 2012 pretty much put an end to my brief time as a triathlete. 

back when I was fitter and considerably lighter!

Fast forward to 2016 and I’m 18 months recovered from surgery on my right hip. It’s been a long road but this year has been the first in a long while that I’ve felt able to consistently exercise. I still get pain in my hip and also now in my left hip but on the whole, it’s manageable. 

I’ve decided to set myself a goal, to complete the off-road version of the London to Brighton bike ride in September. I did the road version in 2011. Not only is this one off-road, it’s longer than the road version (75 miles to be exact). Dodgy hips or not, it’s gonna hurt like a bitch. 

I’m gonna blog about my journey to (hopefully) toeing the start line and finishing the ride. I’ve been loosely training and riding regularly but without a plan since April, so I’m starting the blog a bit late but I felt the need to record and prove to myself (and others suffering with hip dysplasia) that a healthy and active life can be achieved. 

Anyway, tonight’s ride was sprint repeats on the bike… 


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