New shoes

There’s no better feeling than charging along a silky smooth bit of tarmac, legs firing like pistons as you jam the cranks round & round, feet locked tight into your clipless pedals, body & bike married together in harmony. 

For road riding, having your feet attached securely to your pedals makes a lot of sense (unless you happen to live near lots of traffic lights) – better transfer of power, more efficient pedal stroke etc. 

But for those venturing off road, where you’re likely to be hopping on & off over gates, styles, streams and the like, being attached to your bike suddenly becomes much less appealing. Enter then the Shimano SH-MT33L mtb shoes. 


These shoes can take cleats should you wish but work equally well on flat pedals, giving you the flexibility of one “do it all” pair of shoes. 

The soles are stiff, much more so than my old trainers so this should help when putting the hammer down & ensure all of my efforts go into turning the pedals & moving the bike forward. 


Grip on the soles looks good too which hopefully means less instances of sliced shins when feet invariably slip off wet pedals! 

Lastly they’re a smart black & wouldn’t look out of place when having a post ride pint. 

Only three hours until the weekend kicks off & I’ll be able to give them a proper thrash around my local woods 🙂 


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